Lenticular sticker shop. Custom lenticular stickers and labels. Production and sale of motion and 3D lenticular  images large and small formats.

Incredible lenticular stickers and labels that attract attention with a moving or 3D effect – an amazing opportunity to stand out among huge of stickers. Pamper yourself, decorate your phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop, notepad, bag or something else with unique motion or 3D lenticular sticker.

Flickstiker store lenticular stickers and labels are made using lenticular printing technology. Lenticular lenses are used, followed by printing an image consisting of two or more encoded images. Lenticular printing which allows reproducing from 2 to 10 frames. It can be 2-3 frames in case of different images, or up to 10 frames of animation with a smoothly flowing sequence.

The possible effects of the lenticular stickers and labels are depth, 3D, flip, frame change, animation, motion, zoom, morphing lenticular printing effect. 

Motion and 3D (stereo) lenticular stickers are sequence of several static frames. When changing the viewing angle of lenticular sticker or images, a sequential change of images (frames) occurs. These lenticular images consist of two or more images. The change of frames on the sticker occurs when moving from the right to the left – in the horizontal plane. The angle at which a person looks determines what is seen.

The use of raster optics (lenticular lens plants) allows to receive images (a sequence of up to 10 static frames) or stereo (three-dimensional, 3D) lenticular images that the observer, without using any glasses or devices, sees as 3D image from various positions on the lenticular printing sticker.

The lenticular stickers are produce using high-quality polymeric lenses made in the USA, lenticular printing using UV inks on German Heidelberg offset printing machines, or high-quality inkjet printing on Japanese printers EPSON. The manufacturer guarantees the ink’s resistance to the effects of solar UV rays for 80 years.

All lenticular stickers sold in the online store Flicksticker are made of high quality materials from the world’s best manufacturers – lenticular lenses (USA), printed materials (Japan, Europe), paints (Japan, Germany), an adhesive layer (Europe, Asia). We use the best Japanese and German printing equipment for lenticular printing.

We always make sure that our lenticular printing products are of the highest quality and meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

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Motion and 3D lenticular images is aimed at visual submodalities of a person. This attracts and retains the attention of the viewer.

Animation (flip) – interchangeable or animated lenticular images are a sequence of several static frames printing on lenticular plate using ofset or inkjet print technology. When changing the viewing angle, images (frames) are sequentially alternated. These images consist of two or more frames. Possible effects produce of motion lenticular printing images are flip, frame change, animation, changing brightness, increasing the size or approximation of an object (zoom), morphing (moving one image to another), sequential image change, inversion, animation from several consecutive frames.

Stereo (from the Greek. Stereo – 3D effect, spatial) – 3D effect, depth distribution of objects in space (for example, stereo photography, 3D cinema). The stereoscopic lenticular printing image creates the illusion of volumetrically, spatiality of the observed picture. The 3D effect is used to create stereo photos, 3d movies and 3D TV content. We use special software, 3D modeling or stereo photo shooting to create and print lenticular stickers with 3D effect.

Your can also have a possibility, in flicksticker store, order custom lenticular motion or 3D images from your photo with the depth effect shot by your smartphone with the depth effect function or images from facebook 3D photo.