Lenticular printing large and small runs. Offset and inject printing.

The creation of lenticular images in small editions implies the use of injection printing on paper or other media, followed by gluing the printed image on lenticular lens plastic. We have an additional layer in the form of an adhesive and, accordingly, internal reflexes between the layers. Because of this effect, we view adjacent frames on the lenticular image. In this regard, the possibilities are limited to two or three frames compared to ten in offset printing, directly on lenticular lenses. With offset printing, there is no intermediate layer between the image and the lenticular plastic, and therefore we can reproduce up to 10 frames of motion or 3D images. Offset lenticular printing is profitable when producing large runs of lenticular printing. Moreover, the price for one item is much lower. For example the price of a standard sticker Flicksticker 2×2 inch, with a circulation of 50,000 pcs. is $ 0.2 per piece.

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