frequently asked questions

What technology are flicksticker animation and 3D lenticular stickers made by?

Flicksticker shop lenticular stickers are made using lenticular printing technology. Lenticular lenses are used, followed by printing an image consisting of two or more encoded images. All lenticular stickers in the flicksticker store have an adhesive layer and a protective film for ease of use. Each lenticular sticker is packed in individual packaging.

How to use a lenticular sticker?

Take out the lenticular sticker from the packaging. Remove protective film from the back. Stick the lenticular printing sticker on a previously cleaned surface. Press firmly over the entire area of the sticker. Make sure the direction of the lens is vertical.

How many lenticular stickers should I order for free shipping?

When ordering from 25 lenticular stickers, deliver is free.

What surfaces can I put a sticker on?

The sticker can be glued to almost any cleaned surface. An exception is uneven, rough, crumbling, unstable surfaces.

Is it possible to make a personalized custom lenticular stickers?

Yes, of course. We produce personalized custom lenticular printing stickers. Custom lenticular sticker can be of any shape and size. The calculation of the cost of each type of individual sticker value makes individually. After agreeing of the layouts, form, cost, it is possible to produce a control sample lenticular sticker and send it to you for approval. Sample and shipping costs are paid extra.

Can I make a custom lenticular sticker from my photo?

Yes, of course. It can be change of frames of two photos or one photo in the case of a 3D sticker. The cost of converting a photo into 3D for printing lenticular stickers, is 30 EUR, additionally paid.

Your can also order custom lenticular stickers from your photo with the depth effect shot by your smartphone with the depth effect function.

Contact us to agree a method for sending the file and a detailed discussion about your requests for produce custom lenticular sticker.

How many frames can be implemented on a custom lenticular sticker?

The best for good frame change is 2-3 images. In some cases, smoothly flowing sequential animation – up to 10 frames.

How to prepare files for production a personalized custom lenticular sticker in the flicksticker store?

In the case of animated custom lenticular printing stickers, two separate frames are sufficient. To produce a 3D custom lenticular printing sticker, there are several options for preparing files.

1. Image, photo in one layer. Our experts create a depth map in special software.

2. Image prepared in layers in PSD format

We can also produce custom lenticular stickers from your photo with the depth effect shot by your smartphone with the depth effect function or images from facebook 3D photo.

Contact us to agree a method for sending the file and a detailed discussion about your requests for lenticular printing stickers.

What is the File requirements for creating personalized custom lenticular stickers?

Scale 1: 1, 300 dpi, tif, psd. In case of individual custom form, a vector file (ai, eps, pdf) with the outline of the form is required.

Are there any restrictions of circulation for personalized custom lenticular stickers?

The minimum order for custom lenticular stickers is 100 pcs. There are no restrictions of maximum production. With an increase in circulation, the cost per unit is significantly reduced. The calculation is made individually based on the size of the final product, circulation, shipping cost. Our managers of the online sticker store flisksticker will calculate the print circulation you are interested in.

In the sticker store, all stickers are round. Is it possible to produce stickers with a personalized custom shape and size?

Yes, of course. The lenticular printing sticker form and size can be personalized, this option is available when ordering personalized custom lenticular stickers. The minimum order of lenticular stickers with an individual form and size is 100 pcs.

The die cut is additionally paid. The cost of a personal die cutting is approximately 100 EUR, the exact cost depends on the complexity of the die cutting contour.

What is the maximum custom lenticular sticker size?

The maximum custom lenticular sticker size in the sticker store is limited by the size of the lenticular lens raster format A2.

It is possible to produce larger lenticular animated or 3D wide-format glue-based images. Contact us to discuss production details of the product you are interested in, shipping conditions and costs.

Do lenticular stickers fade from sunlight?

All flicksticker shop lenticular stickers do not fade from sunlight and are not subject to color change over the time. Lenticular stickers are made using only high-quality materials produced by USA, EU, Japan.

Is there inscription on stickers, like on the store’s website?

The inscription is only on the store website. The sticker you buy and will be delivered – without this label.

Is it possible to become a lenticular sticker store distributor? What is needed for this?

Yes, we are open for cooperation with distributors. To become a distributor, please contact us to discuss the terms and conditions. Send a request to the email specified in the contacts. We will contact you shortly.

Which country is Flicksticker company located in?

Flicksticker company is located in Ukraine