You have a great opportunity to create your custom motion or 3D lenticular sticker and label. It can be a animation lenticular image with your logo, several images replacing each other. Personalized custom motion and 3d stickers and labels will set you apart from thousands of boring and monotonous vinyl stickers.

Our team of highly qualified specialists will help you in creating custom lenticular stickers and labels. We advise, help prepare to pint your images for conversion and create unique animated and 3D custom lenticular printing stickers.

Custom lenticular sticker and label can be of any shape and size. The possible effects of the lenticular printing sticker and label are depth, 3D, flip, animation, zoom, morphing.

Custom lenticular stickers and labels are produced using lenticular printing technology. Lenticular lenses are used, followed by printing an image consisting of two or more encoded images. 

All lenticular stickers in the flicksticker store have an adhesive layer and a protective film for ease of use.
Free Samples! We will make a sample and send a video for you.

Examples of Custom Lenticular Stickers

Your can order a custom lenticular printing images from your photo. This can be a change of frames of two photos or one photo in the case of a 3D lenticular sticker.

Personal lenticular custom images can be produced using your 3D effect photo taken with your smartphone with the Depth effect function or facebook 3D photo created images. 3D photos  and images do not always display the depth effect correctly. 3D conversion algorithm, configured to create portraits with a large object (person, animal, object, etc.) in the foreground and distant objects in the background (houses, trees, mountains, etc.). Scenes like this are best for shooting with Depth Effect and subsequent lenticular printing images. You can also order, buy wholesale and retail lenticular stickers, postcards, business cards, calendars, invitations, souvenir magnets, packaging with a lenticular printing effect, interior large-format advertising posters and large format art pictures. Contact us to agree a method for sending the file and a detailed discussion about your requests.

We cooperate with Artists who create stickers with Anime characters and famous computer games.

The creation of lenticular printing images in small editions implies the use of injection printing on paper or other media, followed by gluing the printed image on lenticular lens plastic. We have an additional layer in the form of an adhesive and, accordingly, internal reflexes between the layers. Because of this effect, we view adjacent frames on the lenticular image. In this regard, the possibilities are limited to two or three frames compared to ten in offset printing, directly on lenticular lenses. With offset printing, there is no intermediate layer between the image and the lenticular plastic, and therefore we can reproduce up to 10 frames of animation. Offset printing is profitable when producing large runs of lenticular printing images. More over, the price for one item is much lower.

You can find out information about sale, production technology, the optimal number of frames used, the cost of converting a photo to 3D, about file preparation, the minimum order for custom lenticular stickers and labels, postcards, business cards, calendars, invitations, souvenir magnets, packaging, large-format advertising, art posters and much more on the FAQ page.